Sex Parties

People go to sex parties and swingers clubs for very different reasons. Some go to actively have sex with strangers. Others go to have sex with people that they know, but in front of other people. A few of my friends go to sex parties just to try things that they do not feel comfortable trying at home. One couple that I know really get pleasure from watching each other having sex with strangers. She watches one night while he has sex, and then next time he watches her have sex with other people. Others are permanent exhibitionists while their partners are permanent voyeurs.

Sex parties and the people who come to them can vary enormously. Most are for couples who want to add more excitement to the sex with their partners by trying different things with different people. Not all of those have sex in public or with multiple partners. Some just find one person that they want to have sex with and retreat to a bedroom or playroom and have at it, often with their partner elsewhere having sex with someone else. I have often done that as a Fuengirola escort. That is the kind of sex play that can get tricky because it is easy for people to become emotionally involved with one person. But where there is just public fucking of lots of different partners it is obviously purely physical.

Not all sex parties or swingers clubs are the same. Some are for singles, or couple, or for a mixture. Though almost all limit the number of single men. Some parties are just for heterosexual sex. Others are for homosexual sex. Others are for a mixture. At that type of party, some people who are heterosexual normally will attend to have sex with people of the same sex, or with lots of people of both sexes at the same time. That does not necessarily make them gay, or bisexual or confused. It just means means they like sex and are open to experimenting. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I have been working hard to think of anything that I like more than sex. But I failed, so I tried instead to think of anything that I liked as much as sex. But I failed. In fact I could not find anything that even came close. I really like sex. I adore it. It is the best thing in my life. And I have a good life. There are lots of good things and good people and good experiences in my life. But having sex is still the best and most enjoyable activity in my life. Passive, active, fast, slow, I do not care. All sex is good. Even bad sex is good, in my opinion.


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