The Ways Escorts Con Agencies

There are so m,any different ways that sex workers try to con the escort agencies that work hard on their behalf. But experienced and prepared escort agency staff know them all in advance. Let me talk you through a few of them.

"I got rejected at the entryway" The escort makes an impression on the organization that she has been thumped back and is going home disturbed. This means that the Las Palmas escort and the customer at that point concur a less expensive rate or longer for a similar cash and the office misses out.

"I am going home to bed" this frequently signifies "I am expanding the booking without telling the organization and keeping all the cash for myself"

Additional items the young lady can consent to additional administration with the customer for more cash and not tell the office.

Swapping telephones numbers. It is very regular for young ladies to take the customers number and the other way around. Except if you are in the room or have consent to check their telephone, there isn't a great deal you can do on the off chance that they consent to see each other later in the day/week/whatever without letting you know. Everything you can do is keep in contact with everybody. Once more, a great driver will regularly recognize this as the messaging will start when she gets in the vehicle.

Getting "their companion". "hello angel, I have an attractive companion who wants to do trios with me. Will I get her down' It will just cost you and extra..." of which the organization sees nothing

Moving additional provisions. A few things that young ladies move as additional items are fine and nothing to do with you – containers of wine, additional condoms, whatever. Despite the fact that with a driver on location that could be your benefit. In any case, imagine a scenario in which she chooses to move cocaine or MDMA and says she is moving it for the organization, or that you provided her. I am sad, yet the main route for an escort organization to remain clear in this is to take the Nancy Reagan line. Simply say no. Try not to supply it to the young ladies. Try not to supply it to the customers. Try not to supply it to your driver. Try not to tell customers, escorts or drivers where to get it (regardless of whether you know). This likewise has the additional preferred standpoint of making you less fascinating to street pharmacists hoping to "accomplice" with somebody. What's more, you can rest with no dread of individuals in coats and tops thumping at your entryway.


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